2 oz | Glucose Control Elixir

Ancient mayan herbal blend

Regain Your Strength & Stamina Controlling Glucose Levels Naturally

Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Levels

MDS Forte is our strongest formula. It is an all natural elixir with medicinal properties intended to help regulate glucose &
cholesterol levels.

Our users report that in the first two weeks they begin to see positive results, in conjunction with a healthy diet.


it's a totally non-toxic 100% natural alternative without any side effects:
  • Helps lower glucose levels safely within the first month, or
    your money back.*
  • Helps lower cholesterol levels.*
  • Helps reduce A1C levels.*
  • Helps increase HDL levels (good cholesterol), offering
    protection against hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis).*
  • Helps decrease LDL levels (bad cholesterol), offering
    protection against plaque aggregation (atherosclerosis).*
  • May cleanse & protect your liver and kidneys.*
  • Helps detoxify your body, and protect it against free radical damage (due to high flavonoid & polyphenol content).*
  • Helps increase energy levels.*
  • May be used by non diabetics for prevention purposes.


We are committed to giving you a 100% natural, organic & NON-GMO product, with ingredients proven by research to give positive results, with no known side-effects. We have been on the market for over 18 years, testifying to the quality of our company´s product, and over this time we have served thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. We are committed to improving our customer's diabetic issues by giving them a natural solution, using the highest quality ingredients in our formula, so that they may improve their over-all well being and lifestyle.

We use ingredients that only grow in the heart of our private Guatemalan rainforest reserve in Peten.We use strict GMP standard facilities for the manufacturing of our product.

We don't use any artificial preservatives or fillers for our product.

Video Testimonials

  • Testimonial Wendy Martin
  • Testimonial by Charlotte Evans


  • Dear Dr. Ruiz, Milagro de la Selva As we have spoken many times I am absolutely pleased with the "Milagro de la Selva" tea. It's been over a year since I started drinking it and as of last month my cholesterol was down 53 points, my HDL and LDL was mid range and my sugars were much lower.

    Norman Kello
    Williamsburg, VA
  • Dear Milagro de la Selva I actually found MDS Forte through a web search in January 2009. I ordered 2 bottles, skeptical but hopeful. To my absolute delight and total surprise, since the first dosage of MDS Forte my blood glucose readings have dropped steadily into the normal ranges.

    Wiley Drake
  • Dear Dr. Ruiz, Before I found out about your tea, my sugar levels were in the 200's and sometimes even 300's. My Glycohemoglobin was 7.5 to 8.5 and the protein in my kidneys was extremely high. Diabetic Retinopathy was taking my eyesight for my glasses was changing every six months.

    Donna L
    New York, NY
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