MDS Forte FAQs

MDS Tea may assist the body at a cellular level to help break the insulin-resistance that has been developed as a result of over consumption of sugars, carbohydrates, and lack of proper exercise. It may help stimulate the liver enzymes responsible for converting glucose into glycogen and this action allows the liver to better administer the utilization of glucose by the body. It may help reduce blood lipids, resulting in a reduction of total cholesterol and triglycerides levels.*
MDS Forte has a slightly bitter taste, due to the addition of one of the ingredients, Neurolaena Lobata. Remember, over-consumption of sweets is the main reason for diabetes. You can offset this SLIGHTLY bitter taste with stevia, an all-natural sweetener.
No. We have been on the market for more than 15 and no user has ever reported any kind of side effect. The study done by the National University of Costa Rica, Connexios Life Sciences Laboratories in Bangalore, India, and FDA approved laboratories in California proved that the tea is totally non-toxic and free of any side effects.
Most of our experience is with Type 2 Diabetes, although many users have reported very good results with Type 1.*
You may begin to experience good results within one week, although some patients begin to see results after two to three weeks.*