Dave Barno

Dave Barno 0

This year I discovered a web site that had an herbal tea called Milagro de la Selva. I read up about it on the Internet and decided to try it. I had a weight lifting record I wanted to achieve, so I knew I needed something that would help me with the blood sugar.
  • Alberto Ruiz
Video Testimonial by Wendy Martin

Video Testimonial by Wendy Martin 0

  • Alberto Ruiz

Ahnalira 0

I’ve been using the tea for about 10 days as prescribed (fortunately, my diet is already 100% sugar free and whole foods).  I test my blood sugar four times a day and take four injections per day – before each meal and one before bed. 
  • Alberto Ruiz
Charlotte Evans, West Monroe, LA, USA

Charlotte Evans, West Monroe, LA, USA 0

To my absolute delight and total surprise, since the first dosage of MDS Forte my blood glucose readings have dropped steadily into the normal ranges. I am forever grateful to you for having researched and made available this marvelous product. 
  • Alberto Ruiz
Weight reduction

Weight reduction 0

Besides having diabetes, it also has helped my cholesterol, my blood pressure, and the best secret of all, MY WEIGHT. As of September, 2010 I have lost almost 100 pounds, and have reduced about 8.5 inches in my waist, I am almost down two complete dress sizes. 
  • Alberto Ruiz
Donna L. Kirkpatrick

Donna L. Kirkpatrick 0

After drinking your tea for the past year and a half my Glycohemoglobin is now 5.4. The protein in my kidneys has remained at a normal range keeping me from going on Dialysis.
  • Alberto Ruiz