Dave Barno

Dave Barno

I have been type 2 diabetic for 5 years. My hobby is elite power lifting (elite being the top level). With diabetes it was hard to make progress, as the body did not recover from workouts as fast as it did before I was diabetic. This year I discovered a web site that had an herbal tea called Milagro de la Selva. I read up about it on the Internet and decided to try it. I had a weight lifting record I wanted to achieve, so I knew I needed something that would help me with the blood sugar. After about two weeks I started loosing fat, my glucose was lower and I was making progress like I did prior to being diabetic.

Over the course of ten weeks, I lost 12 lbs of unwanted fat and water weight and posted my best dead lift in sanctioned competition (825 lbs at 275 weight class). My morning blood sugar prior to using Milagro de la Selva was between 100-115 it is now 88-108. After eating, my sugar would go up to the 260-300 range and it would take about 12 hours to come back down below 200 but now after using Milagro de la Selva my glucose goes to the 200 range but it will come down to about 130-150 in just 3-4 hours. So I am absorbing the glucose from my meals much better. And as a strength athlete, that is so very important. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS STUFF WORKS THAT WELL.

Personally I think its the best tasting tea I ever drank. I love veggies and the tea has a strong botanical taste (in my opinion) so I drink a quart of it every morning and 8 ounces in the afternoon. I know I'm using a lot, but the more I drink the better I feel.

I have more energy and feel better at a lighter bodyweightwhile retaining the same strength level. I recommend Milagro de la Selva to all diabetics and even non-diabetics, as I believe it promotes overall health and vitality.

Dave Barno

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