Donna L. Kirkpatrick

Donna L. Kirkpatrick

Dear Dr. Ruiz,

Before I found out about your tea, my sugar levels were in the 200's and sometimes even 300's. My Glycohemoglobin was 7.5 to 8.5 and the protein in my kidneys was extremely high. Diabetic Retinopathy was taking my eyesight and my prescriptions for my glasses was changing every six months. I felt terrible all the time.

After drinking your tea for the past year and a half my Glycohemoglobin is now 5.4. The protein in my kidneys has remained at a normal range keeping me from going on Dialysis. I haven't had a new prescription for glasses since I have been drinking the tea. My sugar levels even though they still fluctuate, stay in a more normal range than they did before the tea. My Diabetic medication has been decreased and hopefully will be decreased even more. I am so grateful for your discovery of this tea and for sharing it with the world.

I give you my permission to use this letter in its entirety or in part for your web site.

Donna L. Kirkpatrick, North Carolina, USA

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