Ted K. Jennings, Sr.

Ted K. Jennings, Sr.

I have been a diabetic for about 17 years. They prepped me for dialysis 2 years ago as I was being treated for chronic kidney disease secondary to diabetic nephropathy. On Christmas Eve, the time of year we celebrate the greatest miracle of all, I went to the emergency room with all of the symptoms of heart attack. The doctors assured me it was only a matter of time and bypass Surgery was necessary. The dye used during catheterizations is known to be damaging to the kidneys. 

This was to be the case and my Kidneys shut down. I had to begin dialysis in order to improve my kidney function and build the needed strength for a triple bypass surgery. Even with my amazing doctors, I Knew the chances of coming off dialysis were slim. By sheer coincidence or the result of Powerful prayer, I stumbled upon this miraculous tea. I had been on dialysis for 2 months. Two weeks after drinking the tea my blood work was so good my doctor requested to have it redone. The results were true. I was able to quit dialysis and my blood work continues to get better with each visit. My creatinine is now lower than it was before I ever went into the hospital and the shot I was routinely getting every two weeks for my blood, I now need only once a month. I believe the trees that are used to make this tea are one of God’s great creations and he gives us everything we need if we just take the time to notice.

Ted K. Jennings, Sr.
Rustburg, Virginia

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