#DrRuizHealthTips: Diabetic, and now the corona virus threat…..what to do?

#DrRuizHealthTips: Diabetic, and now the corona virus threat…..what to do?

The first and most important action: don’t panic! I will be listing here the very effective measures that I recommend to my patients, and now available to you through this article. Worrying and panicking will only aggravate things, making your diabetic condition even worse by stimulating the release of Cortisol, a hormone that plays havoc with your circulatory system. So please, stay calm. Now let’s get into the measures available:

  1. Avoid contamination at all costs.
    Doctors know
    that “the best way to cure an illness is not to get it in the first place” For this you have to listen and apply all the recommendations given by your local authorities. But here I will reiterate a few that must be followed. Try to stay at home as much as possible, but if you have to go outside, make sure you wear a good mask to protect your mouth and nose. Avoid large crowds where you will be next to people that might be contaminated and yet don’t know it. Keep your distance from the next person. You must maintain a distance of about two yards. You see, the corona virus is a large virus that is heavy and will not fly very far when expelled by a contaminated person. It will fall to the ground because it is heavy, so keeping your distance is very important. Wear a good pair of gloves and avoid shaking hands, or giving hugs; say hi at a distance. Carry with you a good disinfecting gel and every time before you touch something (cart, rail, door knob), put some gel in your gloves and spread it in your hand (do not take the gloves off) just put gel on them. When you get home, first wash your hands with the gloves still on, with soap and water; this procedure will deactivate the virus. Now take the gloves off and throw them away. Have a pair of shoes for inside the house, and a pair for outside, disinfect the ones you used for outside and leave them outside.

  2. This is the most important and most exciting news available. It just happens that MDS Forte is a liquid formula that contains an extract of the plant Neurolaena lobata (VISIT THIS LINK) a plant that has exhibited excellent results in the treatment of Diabetes type II, and has been found through 30 years of anecdotal experience to kill malaria in just 24 hours of taking it.  I personally attest to that with the following personal story.
    30 years ago, when I was around 45, I became really ill with malaria because I was spending much of my time investigating plants with medicinal value in the jungles in the north part of Guatemala. I was very ill for six months. At the time I took chloroquine, the medication for the treatment for malaria, and now the medicine of choice for the treatment of corona virus, but although it got rid of most of my symptoms, I would relapse about every month… lots of fever, and I would shake all over (typical symptom of malaria) and I was feeling really lousy. One day, one of my workers, who also happened to be a shaman, introduced me to this great native plant and told me to brew a tea out of it and drink an 8-ounce glass every night. Well, that was the end of my malaria, it never came back and now 30 years later I still test negative for it. What is even more exciting is that since then, I have used this plant in my medical practice not only to treat malaria but also viral infections like dengue, and bacterial infections like salmonella and shigella. It is so safe, that my three children have taken it for prevention for 30 years, since they were little, and thank God they are very healthy.
    Needless to say, we are all now taking it for the prevention of life threatening viruses and other diseases caused by external pathogens. This plant is really a gift from God! That’s why I called our product “Milagro de la Selva” (Miracle of the rain forest). For diabetes I recommend taking 1 dropper full in an 8oz glass of water before each meal, and 3 capsules 3 times per day for the treatment of diabetes and the prevention of life threatening viruses, bacteria and parasites.

  3. Boost your immune system with proven and reliable methods. Vitamin C and Sodium Bicarbonate.
    This combination will not only help with your diabetes, but also will protect you against life threatening viruses, bacteria, parasites and many other things you might be suffering from.
    The key here is the amount of vitamin C you need to take on a daily basis to get the results you are looking for and the amount of Sodium Bicarbonate (baking Soda). You need around 20,000 milligrams of vitamin C every 24 hours. So, I advise my patients to use 20 grams of Ascorbic Acid buffered with 10 grams of Sodium Bicarbonate in 750 milliliters of pure water and drink a shot of 2oz of this solution every 2 hours. You can use the glass bottles that are used to pack the apple cider vinegar. For a complete and detailed instructions of preparation, please CLICK HERE Make sure you view it 2 or 3 times before venturing in the preparation. 

  4. Keep boosting your immune system with this other product from Milagro de la Selva.
    MDS DesparaNat Is a wonderful product that not only contains Neurolaena lobata but also contains other great ingredients that will stimulate the production of Interferon, and boost immune system to fight viruses; for more please visit this link: CLICK HERE
    This product is intended for the treatment and prevention of intestinal parasites, bacteria, amoeba and Helicobacter pylori, among others. Also an effective natural treatment & prevention of Malaria and Dengue. you won't find a product as unique as this one on your local healthfood store!

  5. Avoid Sugar and sugar substitutes Completely. Sugar is the biggest culprit in any degenerative disease like diabetes, cancer, and many others that can make your life miserable. It makes your body acid, and you need to be alkaline to fight off viruses! God bless you and your family and keep you all safe through this pandemia!


    P.S. God bless you and your family and keep you all safe through this pandemia! 
    Have a question for Dr Ruiz? Plese email: alruizlac@gmail.com

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