QUICK HEALTH TIPS: Important facts about controlling diabetes, PART I

QUICK HEALTH TIPS: Important facts about controlling diabetes, PART I

Here is a fact that literally blows the mind:  In the Western world, diabetes is perhaps the greatest of all epidemics!  The costs to Western civilization is in the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and this on a yearly basis!!  Yet, incredibly, of all modern diseases it is surely the most preventable.  This is because it is virtually exclusively a dietary disease.

The diet in the Western world promotes this disease.  People eat food which is foreign to the body and which violates human function.  The human body is incapable of processing today’s common foods, especially processed foods rich in carbohydrates.  The processed foods which are the most dangerous are the refined sugars and starches.  Foods rich in refined sugars and starches are the major cause of this epidemic.  If there were no refined food, diabetes would be virtually unknown!!

In societies which fail to consume the Western diet diabetes is rare.  In contrast, in virtually all Western societies it is an epidemic.

Obviously, in the diet there must be a change, usually, a radical one.  The most important of these is the elimination of processed foods.  What’s more, all sugar must be eliminated from the diet.  The food industry KNOWS the food they produce is dangerous, yet, regardless, they foist it upon the consumer.  It is difficult to find food free of chemicals and additives.  A high percentage of foods contain genetically engineered components.  In particular in the United States and Canada due to corporate influence, as well as government corruption, such components do not have to be identified.  The major genetically engineered foods in the supermarkets are foods containing commercial soy, corn, and Canola, the latter being a vegetable oil.  Cottonseed oil may also be genetically engineered.  In Canada the potatoes are likely genetically altered.

Genetically engineered foods contain proteins from a variety of germs:  bizarre viruses, bacteria and fungi.  These germ proteins cause toxic reactions, which lead to organ damage.  The damage may be sustained by any organ, including the pancreas, liver and kidneys. 

Avoid genetically engineered foods like you would avoid the plague. 



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