#DrRuizHealthTips: The top three supplements against the current health threat...

#DrRuizHealthTips: The top three supplements against the current health threat...

What you should know:

By: Alberto Ruiz ND

Supplement #1 

The first and most important supplement is the herbal combination of MDS Forte and MDS Bitters.

As we have seen, despite all the efforts to find a solution, things are not getting any better, and this threat keeps spreading, causing anxiety throughout the world population. Instead of waiting helplessly for a vaccine to be approved and shown to be effective, with no harmful side effects, we should focus on time honored and effective NATURAL remedies that have a long history of success. NEUROLAENA LOBATA, an important ingredient in our MDS FORTE, (the best natural treatment for type 2 diabetes), is a plant from the tropical rain forest, in use for hundreds of years as an anti-malaria remedy…. and MDS BITTERS is 100% Neurolaena Lobata!  Based on my clinical experience with other types of viral- caused diseases like dengue, and parasitic diseases like Malaria, this plant-based product has produced excellent results in very little time. I have seen a Malaria-afflicted patient be cured in as little as 48 hours, and a dengue patient in one week after taking this natural remedy. For this reason, my patients and I are now taking this for the possible prevention of this health threat.

By contrast, 30 years ago when I suffered from Malaria, a horrible, devastating disease, I was treated with Hydroxychloroquine (now touted as a possible cure for this current health threat) for 6 months with no positive outcome.  I would relapse every month with very high fever and no signs of a definite cure, just a reduction of the symptoms!  When I took MDS Bitters (Neurolaena lobata), the malaria disappeared in just 48 hours, and now, 30 years later it is still gone, never relapsed.

My suggestion:

If you are diabetic, take both! You will see a reduction of your glucose levels, as well as A1C levels, and an improvement of your immune response to viral infections.  Remember:  Only benefits…no side effects! 

If you are NOT diabetic, do the same, as you will get the same benefits, but your glucose will not change as it is already within the normal range. These products are not glucose reducing chemicals, they are glucose modulating plants!

Many of my non-diabetic patients use them because it helps them with their weight reduction regimens

 Supplement #2 - Vitamin D3 

Vitamin D3, is also known as the sunshine vitamin, because your body synthetizes it when you are exposed to the sun. 

Research has shown that this vitamin is not only very beneficial for bone health, but also stimulates your immune response against viral infections, like this current health threat virus, and degenerative diseases like diabetes and cancer. So, if you want to see impressive results in your fight against diabetes and viral infections make sure you include these two supplements in your daily regimen.

Suggested dosage

Our present way of life does not allow for us to get enough sunshine to produce sufficient amounts of this vital vitamin, so we must supplement it on a daily basis. The Vitamin D Council places the ideal level between 40 and 80 ng/ml, while levels below 20 ng/ml are considered deficient. The recommended daily intake for adults is 5000 IU per day, and I personally like the Pure Encapsulations Vitamin D3. For many years I used another brand, with a dosage of 5000 units per day and 10,000 every Sunday, and unfortunately my levels were in the deficient range. When I started taking the brand, I am recommending here my levels rose to 80 ng/ml.

I strongly suggest you consult with your health care professional regarding the correct dosage for you, based on the lab results. Vitamin D3 can be toxic if your levels raise to or above 150ng/ml  

Supplement #3

Zinc has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting activity. Research has shown That zinc can reduce the duration of a cold in half.  Zinc’s ions have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in the gut, helping to kill off pathogens there as well, and let’s remember that the home of the immune system is mostly in the digestive tract. Some consider the digestive tract to be our second “brain”.

Zinc supplements can help in the reduction of inflammation at any of its stages, even when it gets out of control. “The medication of choice” Hydroxychloroquine owes its efficacy to the fact that it allows for zinc to penetrate into the cell blocking its reproduction. This is especially important for inflammation of the respiratory tract when you’re dealing with the current health threat virus. The current health threat is an RNA virus and Zinc blocks the RNA synthesis therefore blocking its ability to reproduce.

Zinc and your immune system

Your immune system is dependent on zinc to function properly. Zinc supports the functioning of your white blood cells, natural killer cells, neutrophils, and phagocytes. It’s important for the regulation of your lymphocytes. And it’s important in the production of antibodies and cytokines.

Dosage and source Recommendations

I recommend eating zinc–rich foods like raw pumpkin seeds, and supplementing with zinc acetate lozenges. With respect to dosages, I recommend taking 1 30-50 mg lozenge per day. Do not overdose zinc, as it can be toxic when overdosing. Taking selenium can be helpful, as selenium makes zinc more bioavailable and it is also an immune system booster.

God bless you and your family and keep you all safe through this pandemia! 

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