QUICK HEALTH TIPS: Spices in the diabetic daily diet

QUICK HEALTH TIPS: Spices in the diabetic daily diet

Americans commonly eat bland foods.  They find spices abhorrent.  They avoid them for fear they would hurt their stomachs or cause indigestion.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Spices stimulate digestion and improve the function of the stomach and intestines.  People on bland diets are the greatest candidates for diabetes, whereas the disease is rarer in heavy spice eaters.  Spices are glycemic agents, meaning that they assist glucose metabolism.  They stimulate the flow of digestive juices.  Plus, they kill germs and neutralize mold residues.  Thus, the daily intake of spices is a potent diabetes deterrent.  This may largely explain why diabetes is so frequent in the land of the bland diet, and why it is so rare in civilizations where spice consumption is widespread. 

America boasts the highest incidence of this disease.  The American diet is perhaps the most bland in the world.  Yet in regions where spices are routinely consumed diabetes is relatively rare.  Turkey, Yemen, rural Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, and India:  here there is a reduced incidence of this disease, although, due to an increasing consumption of refined sugar the incidence is climbing.

Spices block the development of diabetes for yet another reason:  they are rich sources of anti-diabetic nutrients, for instance, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, organic acids, chromium and vanadium, magnesium, and potassium.  Plus spices are hormone-rich.  They contain insulin-like chemicals, which aid in blood sugar regulation.  What’s more, they are metabolic stimulants, meaning they increase the metabolic rate, which aids in the burning of fat.  Spices also contain powerful antioxidants, which exert significant actions for blocking degeneration.  Thus, extracts of spices, such as the Oreganol P73 and the Oregulin, help block the aging process.   The ability of spice extracts to preserve the tissues is significant.  Arterial decay, liver damage, lung toxicity, and kidney damage all can be prevented and even reversed with spice extracts.  Thus, as a general preventative the daily intake of such extracts is warranted.  As a cure for diabetes they are unprecedented.


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