QUICK HEALTH TIPS: Important facts about controlling diabetes, PART II

QUICK HEALTH TIPS: Important facts about controlling diabetes, PART II

Today, the entire approach to diabetes is fraudulent.  A strong relationship to diet is neglected.  Regarding the toxicity of common or processed foods there is little or no mention.  The role of chronic infection and/or inflammation is neglected, rather, ignored.  These are definite disturbances, which must be dealt with.  Rather, there is emphasis upon a supposedly unknown factor:  a mysterious cause—a diabetic gene.  This is largely propaganda from the drug cartel, as well as the sugar industry, which seeks to confuse the public.  The purpose is to divert attention from the real causes:  gross nutritional deficiencies, the excessive consumption of refined sugar, processed foods, toxins in the food supply, fast foods, and drug toxicity.

The connection of drug therapy to diabetes is fully established.  A wide range of pharmaceutical agents may directly cause this disease, including numerous anti-hypertensive drugs, particularly diuretics.   Cortisone, Prednisone, and even vaccines are significant factors.  The fact is the latter is directly tied to the development of diabetes in children.  It was the JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC ENDOCRINOLOGY which reported that there is a definite connection between juvenile onset diabetes and the typical childhood vaccines.  The conclusion of the researchers is that some components of the vaccines directly damage the pancreas, possibly destroying its ability to produce insulin. 

Yet, of all factors refined sugar takes precedence.  This is the key factor, proven to cause this condition.  There can be no doubt about it—the regular intake of this substance directly increases the risk of developing this disease and in some individuals may be regarded solely as the cause.  Sugar is a poison.  It damages the internal organs.  What`s more, it weakens the glands.  Plus, it accelerates, in fact, maintains, the growth of toxic fungi.  It must be strictly avoided, that is if the individual is to regain his/her health.  It must be avoided to prevent the development of severe diseases.

Since the 1800s sugar consumption has increased monumentally, by some 100-fold ( 150 POUNDS PER YEAR, AVERAGE!)  This is an incomprehensible increase.  It represents a devastating change in nutritional status.  The sugar calories displace healthy food intake.  All this can lead to is disease.  This corresponds directly with the rise in diabetes.  Again, the modern epidemic is directly due to vast sugar consumption.  There is hope for the reversal of diabetes, that is if the proper approach is taken.  This approach relies upon scientifically based changes in the diet, plus natural medicines, which are systematically applied. 


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