QUICK HEALTH TIPS: Potassium in our diet.

QUICK HEALTH TIPS: Potassium in our diet.

As we grow older, we need to increase our daily intake of potassium. We should, as a rule, take into our bodies twice as much potassium, in the form of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and honey, as we do sodium, in the form of salty foods and table salt. Potassium is important not only for continued good health, because of all the functions it performs in the body, but because of the very delicate balance found between potassium and sodium in the body.

There are several easy ways in which one may increase our potassium intake:

1. A mixture of two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons of honey in a glass of water three times daily is an excellent practice

2. A glass of grape juice twice daily, or of apple or cranberry juice is also an excellent way to get more potassium in your diet.

3. Paprika, sprinkled on food once or twice a day is another way to up your potassium intake

We have evidence that potassium controls the use of calcium in the body. An increased intake of sodium in the form of table salt will increase the loss of potassium from inside body cells, with the result that the body loses potassium. We cannot afford to lose potassium because it is the one mineral so necessary for proper performance by the nervous system. We must learn to control our potassium-sodium balance. After all, since the body composition is partly mineral, an individual must become mineral-minded. By the way he feels during the day he can learn to tell what minerals his body needs to return his body to normal and, if he has lost it, to recover his vitality.

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