Aging is not a sickness; however, the body DOES become more vulnerable to disease. There are lots of theories on aging and its causes. One of the more recent ones is the TELOMERE THEORY.  

The cells in your body are replaced by way of cell division, and there's a limit on the times they may divide successfully.  Most cells normally divide about fifty times before they stop and die a naural death. The theory is that the mechanism which controls the cell division lies with the TELOMERE, which is a caplike structure of the end of each of the 23 pairs of chromosomes.  Chromosomes are the helical structures of DNA that are found in all cell nuclei that carry our genetic code.  The TELOMERE shortens each time a cell divides, leading eventually to the death of that cell. Over time, this cumulative cell death leads to aging.  

An enzyme called TELOMERASE has been discovered that acts to repair damage to the TELOMERE, helping to maintain its length and stability.  The idea is that by using TELOMERASE, we may be able to prolong cell life and slow down or even reverse the aging process!

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  • Martha Ruiz
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