QUICK HEALTH TIPS: The importance of diet & glucose levels

QUICK HEALTH TIPS: The importance of diet & glucose levels

We all know that dieting can be a hard task...but when you are a diabetic or someone seeking to lose some extra weight and want to have positive results, this is a MUST. We reccommend you follow a low "saturated" fat diet, which is high in fiber, including plenty of raw fruits and vegetables as well as vegetables juices. 

This will start to reduce the need for insulin, and also will lower amounts of fat in your blood system. Fiber will reduce blood sugar spikes. 

For snacking, eat some oat or rice bran crackers with all natural "nut butter", or a good source of cheese. Also have a high vegetable intake, and eating some legumes will facilitate bowel movements and help get rid of toxins. 

Here's an extra tip that may help your overall health...every morning, start your day by taking a warm cup of water with some natural lemon juice and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar ("with the mother") This will activate your metabolism without increasing your glucose levels.

Also, remember to take plenty of water daily and KEEP AWAY from carbonated sugar drinks and carbs.

Feel free to call us at 213-405-5355 or write us at customercare@type2solution.com 

Have a great Wednesday!!

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